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VPS Hosting

Up till a few years ago, the only means to get an advanced web hosting package was to purchase a dedicated server. As a result of recent software app developments, virtual hosting servers have been brought in and they've quickly come to be one of the most commonly used web hosting platforms as they offer cutting-edge performance at a quite affordable price. Also known as a virtual private web server or a virtual dedicated server, this web hosting server is a perfect solution for high resource-requiring online portals.

VPS Hosting - Is It Better Than Shared Server Web Hosting?

A small amount of virtual machines are set up on a physical server, using its system resources. Each VPS hosting server performs precisely like a dedicated server and its system resources are guaranteed, including the CPU usage, memory and storage space allowances. These system resources are much higher than those offered by any shared hosting package, so a virtual private hosting server is the most reasonable option for resource-absorbing script-powered online portals with a lot of viewers, or if you want to host a huge amount of domains in one and the same account.

100Webspace ( Plan)
per month
Server Storage: Unlimited
Monthly Traffic: Unlimited
Dedicated RAM: MB
CPU Share:
IP Addresses:
SSH: Yes
Full Root Access: Yes
Hosted Hostnames: Unlimited
OS (Operating System): CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Web Service Accessibility: 99.9% Uptime

The Virtualization Dashboard of a VPS Hosting Server

Each Virtual Private Server is managed via a CP user interface, frequently referred to as a virtualization interface. This user interface enables you to reboot the entire virtual web server or different services like HTTP, MySQL, and so on, to monitor and administer all running programs and to check the used up and the unused resources. As you will get root-level access, you can also activate server-side apps that may be demanded for specific script-driven platforms to operate, explore thorough monthly traffic stats and history of all the processes running on the private virtual web server. One of the best benefits of the virtualization backend is that you can utilize it to effortlessly activate a Control Panel on the virtual hosting server.

The CP of a Virtual Private Web Hosting Server

There are many diverse CPs, but a couple of them are more popular than the others - Hepsia, cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. If you purchase a virtual private web server, you can avail of the web hosting Control Panel that the provider is providing, or you can install your own. This user interface will allow you to administer domain names, files, databases, FTP accounts, mailboxes and everything that has to do with your web hosting user account. Administering a VPS server hosting account is not different from administering a shared webspace hosting account, so if you have any experience with the latter, there won't be anything unfamiliar to you if you obtain a private virtual web hosting server. More expert clients can access the virtual private hosting server via a Secure Shell connection as well.

Earn Cash With Your Virtual Private Hosting Server

One of the upsides of buying a VPS hosting server is that some web hosting CP interfaces include a reseller level of administration, so you can set up and sell hosting plans. You can even create reseller accounts and have other people carry out the entire job on your behalf, so while you have a private virtual web server for your sites, you can also generate good money by selling the system resources that you do not use. The reseller and web hosting CP user interfaces can be combined with billing and support software solutions such as WHMCS, AWBS or ClientExec, which allows you to create different plans, to bill your clients directly and to offer a 24/7 ticket support service. As you are granted full server root access to the virtual web server, you will be able to activate any server-side apps or libraries that your customers may require for their sites, so you will have supremacy over providers that supply shared hosting services and cannot install such software apps.

Virtual Private Web Server Hosting Services by '100 WebSpace'

A VPS offers the optimal balance between performance and price and is the best solution for moderate-size resource-absorbing websites such as online shops, community web sites or company web pages. At '100webspace.com' you can have a peek at several different VPS hosting plans that come with invoicing and client support software, a domain reseller account, and a hosting Control Panel interface of your preference. This offers you the independence to use the virtual private hosting server in any way you prefer - for personal webspace hosting purposes or to establish a reseller business.